Deliver on-the-go mobile and web scheduling

EMS supports Workplace of the Future and other efficiency initiatives by enabling space booking via the most commonly used mobile devices. Whether your employees are on the road or in the office, they can rely on EMS to book a space without conflicts or additional assistance.

Mobile scheduling for your team

Using EMS via the Web or mobile device is simple. With the EMS apps, users can:

  • Access their accounts.
  • Schedule meeting reminders for attendees.
  • Block out extra time for setup and take down tasks.
  • Schedule video conferencing with a timed start.
  • Use QR codes for mobile check-in to a workspace or meeting.
  • Use kiosks and room signage to help direct attendees.

Accessing EMS through the web

The browser-based EMS Web App helps your users find and book an available workspace and schedule meetings, events, services, and more. With an Internet connection, any browser-enabled device, and the Web app, authorized users can, depending on the level of access granted:

  • Create, change or cancel reservations through a secure, user-friendly interface.
  • Search by location, event and people, personalization filters, and designated favorites.
  • Access a single-page view of meetings to view all current or past bookings.
  • Display detailed room information, floor plans, and rules.
  • Submit requests for resources (catering, equipment, etc.) associated with space.

The Web App integrates with Microsoft® Exchange or G Suite to provide busy/free information and facilitate the planning for other attendees.

Booking and checking in via mobile

The EMS Mobile App for Apple and Android smartphones helps everyday users find, book, check in, or cancel workspaces, rooms, or meetings. Available via download from public app stores or private deployment, the native Mobile App syncs with the EMS database and follows your organization’s established booking rules. From any location, users can:

  • Create new bookings for spaces, rooms, or desks.
  • Search for an existing meeting.
  • Save time with filters and self-designated favorites.
  • Check in by swiping or via QR Code.

Administrators retain complete control. They can limit the range of allowed activities through geo-fencing and define user permission limits for individuals or groups, such as which rooms can be reserved and when they can be booked. The Mobile App includes the option for 2-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator.

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