Capture and analyze workspace and resource utilization data

Unused or misused space and resources are costly. The powerful reporting capabilities of EMS give visibility into how, when, and by whom your spaces and resources are being used. This proves especially valuable for hoteling and shared workspace initiatives where you need to make well-informed decisions about space utilization.

Reduced costs and wasted space

Applying data-based insights can lead to increased space utilization, reduced square footage per employee, and the elimination of wasted space. EMS allows you to capture utilization data for unmanaged spaces (using the check-in feature) such as how often a workspace is occupied and the costs associated with its disuse.

Organizations with this level of visibility into the use of managed and unmanaged spaces are able to develop and optimize their office hoteling strategies — to the benefit of workers and the organization. In addition, EMS reports can help you reallocate resources according to the areas of greatest need or opportunity, and so reduce your overall real estate footprint.

Standard utilization and hoteling reports


Statistics Reports
Statistics Reports
  • Room Statistics
  • Room Utilization
  • Hourly Room Utilization
  • Hourly Resource Inventory Utilization
Hoteling Reports
Hoteling Reports
  • Room Occupancy Summary
  • No Show Report
  • Visitor Report
  • Booking Notice Statistics
  • Transition Report
  • Arrivals and Departures Report
  • Employees With Multiple Bookings
  • Check In Statistics
  • Room Card – QR Code

Features that support workspace utilization

As a highly configurable room and resource scheduling platform, EMS can be designed to ensure that the right utilization data are collected and analyzed. Features you can configure include:

  • Enforced space check-in through mobile, kiosk, room sign, or web apps
  • Proximity limitations and QR Code check-in through the EMS Mobile App
  • Neighborhood designations for seating by business unit, job function, project team, and more
  • Floor plan viewing and space selection made through the web and kiosk apps
  • API linkage of EMS to room or desk sensors
  • Detailed reports (see above) that can be run on demand or on a regular cycle
  • Filters for teams and departments that allow review of specific user group activities

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