A report for everything

EMS includes more than 110 reports and a custom query builder for use throughout the meeting and event lifecycle—from setup and invoicing to billing and utilization analysis.

Finally—full transparency into your daily, monthly, and annual meetings and events.


The hourly usage of resources over time and send operational reports to service providers.


The types of meeting and work spaces that users need and want for facilities planning.


Ideal inventory levels and stay on top of maintenance needs.

Report categories

Reporting in EMS is divided into seven categories, and can be automated and configured according to the parameters you set for your organization and departments.

Daily Reports
Daily Reports

Summary, service, and other reports that describe activities over one or more days.

Sales Reports
Sales Reports

Details of sales associated with reservations, resources, and more.

Statistics Reports
Statistics Reports

Insights you need to understand use and organizational activity.

Exception Reports
Exception Reports

Clarifies the incorrectly run or allocated resources, templates, or systems.

Billing Reports
Billing Reports

All reports for transactions, invoices, and other statements.

Hoteling Reports
Hoteling Reports

Reports specific to office hoteling practices.

Other Reports
Other Reports

Summary reports on cancellations and reservations.

Take advantage of EMS standard reports

All EMS reports are configurable according to the parameters, options, and format you require.

Daily Reports
Daily Reports
  • Event Schedule
  • Event Calendar
  • Room Cards
  • Activity Schedule
  • Setup Worksheet
  • Service Order Schedule
  • Service Orders
  • Banquet Event Order
  • Resource Schedule
  • Service Order Change Report
  • Attendee Visitor Report
  • Production Report
Sales Reports
Sales Reports
  • Sales By Group Type
  • Sales By Group
  • Sales By Category
  • Sales By Resources
  • Sales By Reservation
  • Sales By Billing Reference
  • Sales By Booking
  • Status Changes By Reservation
  • Status Changes By Booking
Statistics Reports
Statistics Reports
  • Room Statistics
  • Room Utilization
  • Hourly Room Utilization
  • Hourly Resource Inventory Utilization
  • Employee Statistics
  • Event Type Analysis
  • Reservation Source Analysis
  • Resource Statistics
  • Room Availability
  • Setup Count Analysis
  • Seat Occupancy Report
  • Benchmark Metrics Report
Hoteling Reports
Hoteling Reports
  • Room Occupancy Summary
  • No Show Report
  • Visitor Report
  • Booking Notice Statistics
  • Transition Report
  • Arrivals and Departures Report
  • Employees With Multiple Bookings
  • Check In Statistics
  • Room Card – QR Code
Exceptions Reports
Exceptions Reports
  • Undefined Setups
  • Status Reminder Report
  • Wait List Report
  • Booking Conflict Analysis
  • Building Hours Exceptions
  • Inactive Room With Bookings
  • Invalid Service Orders
  • Invalid Billing References
  • Inactive Web Process Templates
Billing Reports
Billing Reports
  • Ageing Report
  • Statements
  • Transaction Report
  • Voided Transaction Report
  • Invoice Detail Report
  • General Ledger Distribution
Other Reports
Other Reports
  • Cancellation Report
  • Cancellation Summary
  • Reservation Summary

Automate report delivery

As a time-saving platform, EMS is able to automatically send certain reports to selected email addresses. These automated reports let schedulers:

  • Communicate with the operations team about daily setup needs.
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy.
  • Eliminate one-off emails and manual processes.
  • Share all the events happening on any given day.

The reports that you can send automatically include Reservation and Sales/Statistics Queries and all Saved Daily and Statistics Reports. You can send reports according to whatever frequency, time, time zone, and reporting period you choose, and you can customize the sender, subject, and message information. To set up Automated Reports, your organization will need to install and configure the EMS Automated Report service.

Create your own reports with the query wizard

When the standard reports won't do, use the Query Wizard to retrieve requested information from the EMS database and create a custom report. This wizard searches fields, filters, dates, and numerous other parameters to deliver exactly what you want, reducing future effort by making it easy to edit or run the same query again.

Additional reports for campus package

Higher Education customers also receive the following specialized reports to support the functionality of the EMS Campus Package:

  • Course List
  • Course Changes
  • Course Preferences Report
  • Preferences Summary
  • Unmet Preferences
  • Instructor Back to Back report
  • Instructor Summary
  • Course Conflicts
  • Time Block Violations
  • Time Block Room Availability/Usage
  • Academic Class Meeting Utilization
  • Over/Under Utilization
  • Prime Time Usage report
  • Academic Unit Statistics
  • Course Type Analysis
  • Final Exam Settings
  • Final Exam Schedule
  • Trend Report

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