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EMS is a space, resource, and people scheduling platform designed to help create great meetings — from a large conference event to a dynamic academic class to a simple team get-together. As the industry leader, EMS Software offers the greatest depth and breadth of functionality, the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting, and an exceptional customer experience.

Founded in 1986, EMS now has over 2,200 customers in over 75 countries. AIG, Yale University, Accenture, and thousands of others rely on EMS Software to increase productivity, attract and retain people, reduce costs, and differentiate their brand. EMS Software is available in two packages, Campus for academic institutions and Workplace for enterprise and all other organizations.

Supporting the needs of expert and everyday users


EMS is designed to serve the needs of both "Expert" (dedicated) and "Everyday" (casual) users, each of which requires a different set of capabilities and permissions.




Administrators who have the ability to make, approve, or update reservations, assign or approve services, create reports, and generally make things happen. Expert users access EMS through the desktop client, a one-stop-shop that automates their workflows and communications for maximum scheduling efficiency. Expert users include conference center managers, event coordinators, registrars, facility and real estate managers, and service providers.



Casual users looking for the right space for the right task can quickly and conveniently access EMS through the Web, mobile, Microsoft Outlook, kiosks or digital signs. Everyday users can be an employee who needs to book a conference room or a consultant who needs to book a hoteling space for the day.

Create reservations    
Change or cancel reservations    
Reserve unmanaged space    
Invite attendees    
Request managed spaces, services, & resources    
Check-in to spaces    
Track resource usage    
Resolve conflicts    
Create alerts    
Delegate permissions    
Confirm orders    
Approved requests    
Send change notifications    
Link services & reservations    
Distribute daily worksheets    
Configure services    
Generate invoices    
Print badges    
Bill to providers    
Generate resource reports    
Create utilization report    
Export Data    

A platform for both managed and unmanaged spaces

Every organization has a unique set of spaces, resources, users, and scheduling preferences. EMS is built to support the entire spectrum of organizational needs, such as meeting reservations, workspace hoteling, resource scheduling, event planning, and classroom and test scheduling.

A highly configurable solution, EMS can be aligned with your unique resources and workflows.

Create and monitor reservations in EMS

With EMS, expert users have complete control over the scheduling process. EMS reduces administrative effort by streamlining reservation-management steps, automating and error-proofing time-consuming activities, and by providing accurate calendars and other critical information. Through EMS wizards or the Book view, expert users can:

  • Create, change, approve, or cancel reservations.
  • Book complex recurring or video conference meetings in a single reservation.
  • Resolve conflicts and eliminate double bookings or missed services.
  • Assign details, photos, floor maps, and resources to each space.
  • Set user and group permissions.

Through permission-based templates, everyday users can make meeting, hoteling, and service requests or directly self-serve using mobile, Web, Microsoft Outlook, kiosk, or digital room signs.

Learn more about how EMS enables the reservation process.

Coordinate resources and manage services in EMS

EMS is a single platform that deftly handles it all: space, services, and resources. With EMS, you eliminate the hassle of updating multiple systems and save valuable time and money by eliminating wasted deliveries. Services such as catering, facilities and security, and resources such as projectors, laptops, and vehicles are completely configurable. These capabilities allow expert users to:

  • Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking.
  • Review and manage all services with reservations prior to final email approval.
  • Send notifications, setup worksheets, and detailed invoices directly to service providers.
  • Configure specific details, options, and billing requirements for each service.
  • Enable service-only requests.

Learn more about how EMS combines your reservations and services.

Analyze data and report directly from EMS

Whether you’re a CIO, facilities planner, or conference center manager, EMS provides the insights you need to increase productivity and reduce costs with over 110 built-in reports and a custom query builder. For example, with EMS reports you can:

  • Track the hourly usage of resources over time.
  • Lower operating costs by analyzing room and service utilization rates.
  • Identify wasted space to inform real estate consolidation and cost reduction.
  • Pinpoint ideal inventory levels so you can stay on top of maintenance needs.
  • Create custom reports for other analytics or business intelligence solutions.

Learn more about EMS reporting features.

EMS: Purpose-built for configuration


With EMS Software, you don't have to compromise the way you work by having to conform to a one-size-fits-all solution. EMS contains several hundred configurable options and User Defined Fields (UDFs) that help you:



Design an interface that matches your existing, standardized workflows.


Define the business rules to enforce how spaces are booked and resources used.


Designate information that's unique to your organization.

Integrate with your existing systems

Work is easier when systems work together. Through the EMS API and other connectors, EMS integrates with a wide variety of other solutions, allowing you to share employee, facility, student, and other data on an automated schedule. Examples include:

  • Facilities Management Systems
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Resource Management Systems (Services, Catering, AV)
  • Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
  • Integrated Authentication (Active Directory / LDAP)
  • Video conferencing
  • Student Information Systems
  • Digital Signage (boards, rooms, kiosks)
  • Building Automated Control Systems

Learn more about EMS integration capabilities.

Host EMS through cloud services

EMS is available as a subscription-based cloud service through Microsoft Azure. With your subscription, EMS hosts, manages, and provides support services including provisioning, high availability, disaster recovery, and governance.

Learn more

An exceptional customer experience

The EMS Professional Services and Customer Support teams are dedicated to your success. Whether it’s initial setup and configuration, training, update alerts, or ongoing assistance, the EMS team has you covered. We do this by providing:

  • On-demand manuals, installation tips and instructions, and the latest software updates through our online support portal.
  • Live support during normal and extended business hours.
  • Value and readiness optimization through our Professional Services.

Learn more about our Professional Services.

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