Dial in your video conferencing

With the increasing convenience and popularity of video conferencing (VC), you need a platform that supports the technology and makes planning a video conference as easy as any other type of meeting. EMS includes a full complement of features that support VC.

Request a video conference with ease

Most organizations using EMS create a reservation-only process dedicated to VC, with selected spaces and resources dedicated to VC. Through the EMS Web App, employees who require VC complete an online template that helps them:

  • Select multiple endpoints, such as conference locations.
  • Enter specific details such as technology preferences and AV needs.
  • Require inventoried resources such as mobile carts.
  • Request additional services such as catering for one or all meeting locations.

Create reservations in a single platform

Once a request is made, the administrator (expert user) has complete control over all of the required setup tasks. EMS is configured to match your existing VC business rules, and administrators can use EMS to:

  • Select multiple VC locations or resources in a single reservation and sync all bookings by time zone.
  • Auto-add equipment and modify services for each space.
  • Send email confirmations to hosts with instructions and attachments.
  • Set up recurring VC meetings in a single reservation.
  • Color code VC meetings for easy identification.
  • Eliminate room conflicts and overbooking.

Updating and changing VC reservations

With all reservation information in a single platform, it’s easy to make changes to a VC reservation — without the hassle of having to cancel and recreate the booking. Expert users can:

  • Prioritize and reorganize VC meetings and resources based on user status.
  • Link bookings together, so that if one changes, they all automatically update.
  • Create detailed VC Setup Worksheets for coordinators.
  • Automatically replicate reservations into your VC system.
  • Set up wait lists for periods of exceptional demand.
  • Assess VC activity in a dedicated utilization report.

Video conferencing integrations

EMS eliminates many of the complexities of scheduling VC through API integration with popular technologies like Cisco TMS.

Once an expert user has confirmed a VC reservation, EMS transmits the request details to the external VC booking platform. The department responsible for the technology completes the reservation as specified, approves and adds locations and details such as turn-on time.


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