Microsoft® Exchange is a primary communications hub for large organizations. Microsoft Exchange is the server product that manages email and calendars for end users. EMS works with Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) to provide user email and calendar information in EMS and connect EMS meetings to Exchange resource mailboxes (Exchange Room Integration).


Integrating with Exchange user information

The first way EMS works with Microsoft Exchange is through the EMS Exchange Integration Web Service to retrieve information on attendee free / busy status. By connecting EMS to Exchange Web Services (EWS), your everyday users can:

  • Invite attendees from both Outlook and the EMS Web App.
  • View the availability of both meeting rooms and attendees in the Web App.
  • Keep your Outlook calendar in sync with any EMS reservations.

Integrating with Exchange Room Mailboxes

The second way EMS works with Microsoft Exchange is through an integration with resource mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange. Video conferencing (VC) and other systems are now using Microsoft Exchange Resource Mailboxes as a method of integration.


Exchange Room Integration (ERI) is an add-on module that provides the ability to configure EMS rooms and resources to invite Microsoft Exchange resource mailboxes, simplifying integrations with 3rd-party technology like video conference systems. Bookings made by everyday users in EMS will handle the addition of the technologies, without the need for a separate process.


For example, if a meeting room contains an in-room technology like a Cisco video conferencing device, ERI automatically invites the device’s Exchange resource mailbox. When the meeting starts, beginning the video conferencing on the device can be as simple as a simple click on a touchpad.


If non-fixed resources like a mobile Microsoft Service Hub are desired, then users can include these resources with the reservation, and the system will invite the resource mailbox for the device.


Microsoft Surface Hub

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

EMS for Microsoft Outlook is an optional add-in that integrates EMS room reservation processes directly with Outlook 2010 and later versions.

Users can simultaneously view room availability in addition to attendee free / busy information and then book and manage their meetings and any services or visitors directly within Outlook – an ideal EMS access point for reserving spaces used on a first-come, first-served basis.

View the EMS for Microsoft Outlook Datasheet

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