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The EMS Desktop Client offers complete scheduling access and control to administrators, whether it’s approving room requests, booking large-scale events, communicating with service providers or delivering and analyzing regular reports.

EMS Desktop Client Solution Brief

Create and monitor reservations with ease

The EMS Desktop Client reduces effort and boosts productivity by eliminating many of the steps needed to manage a meeting. 

Expert users have complete control to create, change, approve or cancel reservations. They can book complex recurring or video conference meetings in a single reservation, resolve conflicts and eliminate double bookings or missed services, and more.

The Desktop Client automates and error-proofs time-consuming activities and provides access to the most accurate calendars and information. Features such as step-based scheduling wizards, color coding, advanced filtering and navigation tools, drag and drop functionality and automated alerts all assist dedicated administrators in their daily work.

Manage resources and deliver timely notifications

Beyond reservations, EMS allows administrators to define, assign and track resources, services and inventory. With EMS, you can approve and update all service requests and even attach specific resources – such as video conferencing – to specific spaces to facilitate user searches and requests.

EMS eliminates wasted resources and missed communications by automating your notifications, service provider alerts and work reports. With EMS, you can ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy with service order reports, including change reports.

Set permissions and configure your own business rules

As a highly configurable room and resource scheduling platform, your administrators can set up EMS to align with your new or existing organizational workflows and booking rules. Administrators can configure individual and group user permissions and reservation limits and requirements, as well as design custom fields for online request forms.

EMS Desktop Client Solution Brief

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