EMS Platform Services

EMS Platform Services is the middle-tier component and RESTful API foundation that provides a modern, scalable way for partners and customers to integrate with the EMS Platform. Platform Services gives your organization the freedom to create your own integrations more quickly and with less complexity.

Integrations for customers and partners

The EMS open platform provides easy and faster integrations, a consistent experience across all EMS products, and improved performance and quality. With EMS Platform Services, you can create:

  • Your own hardware integrations with digital signage, sensors, voice-controlled personal assistants, and more.
  • Custom systems integrations such as with lecture capture, HVAC controls, wayfinding software, payment portals, and more.
  • Integrations with custom access points such as kiosks or simple mobile apps developed in-house by your organization.
  • Marketable integration solutions for EMS customers.

EMS Platform Services are fully documented with samples and best practices. While Platform Services is now an integral part of the EMS platform architecture, it cannot be accessed and used for external integrations without a separately purchased license. To learn more about this API, contact EMS today.

Customer specific applications

EMS Platform Services allows customers to create their own custom data integrations to apps for the web, mobile devices, kiosks and more. Examples of integrations include:

  • ​A custom video conference portal (consulting firm)
  • A custom web app (consulting firm)
  • A custom mobile app using EMS and other systems (government contractor)
  • A visitor management system (financial firm)

Partner-developed integrations

EMS solutions partners can create marketable integration solutions for the EMS customer community. Examples include:

  • ​Event display applications (e.g., flight board-type apps)
  • A service provider application (e.g., a mobile version of EMS Setup Worksheet)
  • Credit Card Payment Portal integration
  • Digital signage software integration
  • HVAC software integration

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