​EMS Software: Hosted the way you want

At EMS, you have a choice of where you would like to host the platform. EMS has always been available for installation on your servers and behind your firewall. We can also host EMS for you through our cloud services so that you can stay focused on your core business —and not on managing your spaces.

Host on-premise with your organization

Hosting the EMS platform on your own equipment offers advantages of flexibility, scale, security and control.

With on-premise hosting you can scale and update at your own pace, and your IT team has full visibilty on how the data is moving in and out of the platform. With our open architecture, you have direct access to the database, allowing you the flexibility to connect EMS to your other internal tools like CRMs. And on-premise hosting offers you security your way, where you manage all the passwords and framework behnd your own firewall. 

Or host securely in the Cloud with EMS

EMS is available as a subscription-based cloud service hosted on a top-tier cloud provider. Our Cloud Services for EMS includes more than just hosting: it’s a complete service with provisioning, high availability, data and system security, and ongoing support by our experienced team. It’s one less solution that your IT team has to manage and maintain.

Top advantages of Cloud Services for EMS:

Reduced operational risk

Reduced operational risk

Data and systems security with proactive system and environment monitoring.

Industry-leading uptime

Industry-leading uptime

Providing the governance, policies, SLAs and procedures for enterprise-class service quality.

Full-service onboarding

Full-service onboarding

Setup, implementation and performance tuning delivered by EMS Professional Services.

Test and production environments

Test & production environments

One test and one production environment help ensure smooth roll-outs and upgrades.

Enterprise-class security

Enterprise-class security

We take security and monitoring seriously, with a dedicated, 24/7 Cloud Ops support team.

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