Online Appointment Booking Made Easy with EMS’ 3-Step Process

  1. Create Your Rules and Parameters
    This includes your availability, time preferences, room preferences and more.
  2. Share Your Meeting Link
    Send guests a calendar invite that they can easily accept or decline.
  3. See Your Meeting Booked
    The time, space and details will automatically populate on all relevant calendars – no hassle, no confusion.

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Online Meeting Booking Software from EMS Benefits All Industries

The best online meeting booking software systems help foster a connected, collaborative and efficient environment – no matter your industry. With scheduling software from EMS, you get:

  • Improved meeting scheduling
  • Higher efficiency through integrated systems
  • Simplified communication
  • More productive meetings
  • Error-free automated pricing and invoicing
  • Time savings with simplified scheduling
  • Full realization of workplace investments



Advanced EMS Features Put Booking on Autopilot So You Can Focus on What You Do Best

Streamlined Workflow Management

EMS takes all the legwork off your plate, automatically sending meeting reminders, follow-up notes and any update or cancellation information directly to all participants. That way, you can focus on your job knowing that the meetings are handled.

A Modern User Experience

Today’s users expect seamless, streamlined online experiences. EMS provides exactly that, allowing users to schedule and update meetings in just a few clicks. That way, they’re free to move about their day in seconds.

Calendar Syncing

You can easily sync EMS with other professional calendars – including Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 – to reduce friction, avoid double bookings and close any communication gaps with your attendees. See all integrations.

Meeting Alerts

You and your attendees will get notified right away – via SMS, email, or EMS’ Direct Spaces mobile app – every time a meeting is booked, cancelled, updated, coming up or rescheduled.

No-Show Protection

Automated reminders and prepayment options can help protect against no-shows and casual bookings, ultimately saving time and reducing major frustration.

Virtual or Hybrid Meetings

Integrations with video conferencing tools – like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype – make it easy to meet virtually or in a hybrid setting. You can also book rooms by technological capability to ensure that you always find the most appropriate space to suit your needs.

Effective Team Management

Add team members to your EMS tool and allow them to set their schedules and availabilities to maximize productivity, avoid no-shows and more.

Intuitive Mobile App

No desktop? No worries! With EMS’ Direct Spaces mobile app, you can book meetings, find rooms, update your schedule and more via your tablet or smartphone. This not only improves the user experience but also makes it easier to streamline bookings across multiple locations and platforms.


Meeting Booking Software for Better Meeting Scheduling

Meeting booking software is your number one tool for improving how meetings get scheduled. EMS’ meeting scheduling software takes the hassle out of finding a place where participants can gather – so that you can focus on the actual purpose of the meeting rather than the logistics.

With the right meeting booking software, you solve common problems including:

  • Double-booked meetings
  • An inability to locate available spaces
  • Scheduling filters that are too simplistic
  • Lack of visibility into room capacity
  • Difficulty updating meetings on the fly
  • Missed cancellations
  • Inadequate resources (e.g., video conferencing equipment) in meeting rooms


Flexible and Customizable Booking Settings Streamline the Scheduling Process


Use EMS’ intuitive booking settings to streamline and simplify the meeting and appointment scheduling process.


Customize Bookings to Fit Your Schedule

Busy? No problem. Using EMS, you can filter the days and times that make sense for you.


Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Easily reschedule meetings, avoid conflicts and stay up to date with your upcoming reservations using EMS’ intuitive app.


Manage Personal and Professional Schedules

Sync to your personal calendar(s) to reduce double-booking and understand your schedule holistically.


Stay on Top of Time Zones

Different time zone? No problem! EMS allows you to manage time zones and find appropriate slots easily and efficiently.


Meet Wherever it Suits You

Have different people using different tools? EMS makes meeting across platforms a breeze with integrations with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other tools.


Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Greensberg Glusker Uses EMS Room Booking System
Bucknell University Uses EMS Room Scheduling System
Deloitte Uses EMS Room Booking Scheduling Software
JMU - James Madison University Uses EMS Room Scheduling Software
Notre Dame Uses EMS Meeting Room Scheduling Software
L3 Harris Uses EMS Room Booking Software

The EMS Meeting Room Booking System: A One-Stop Shop for Events

With EMS, our mission of customer satisfaction has improved dramatically. Being able to constantly know the status of the overall event and all the components within the event at one time – that complete visibility has been just a really big benefit for us.”
– Kathleen Rydelek, Senior Staff Specialist, Facilities Management Services

See why Rochester Institute of Technology uses the EMS meeting room booking system to manage all aspects of campus events.



EMS Online Meeting Booking Integrations

Our online meeting scheduling software can integrate into your company networks and into many web-based tools and applications. Integrations include:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • G-Suite
  • Google Calendar
  • HR systems
  • Sensors
  • Video conferencing
  • Facility Management
  • HVAC
  • Customer-Specific Applications



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FAQ: Meeting Room Booking System

What is a meeting room booking system?

A meeting room booking system is software that allows you to reserve spaces for meetings, making it easy for employees, students and visitors to find the ideal place to gather. Users can easily reserve or request spaces and services in the way they prefer, whether that's using a mobile device, a web app, calendaring tools or on-location touchscreen kiosks or digital signs.

How do I manage conference room bookings?

Software like EMS helps you manage conference room bookings by simplifying the process at each step of the way. Quickly add meetings to the calendar, create configurable scheduling processes, effortlessly add updates, communicate via digital signage, link documentation to reservations, track and manage visitors, and integrate with existing hardware.

How do I book a meeting room in Office 365?

With EMS, you can transform Office 365's calendaring tool, Microsoft Outlook, into a meeting power tool. The EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in provides one-click access to comprehensive self-service room reservation and resource bookings. You can filter locations, book A/V equipment, take care of recurring meeting conflicts, and more – all within the familiar Outlook interface, conveniently and quickly.

How do I book a meeting room in Google Calendar?

Google Calendar Integration provides a direct connection with Google Workspace and your end users' Google calendars. EMS users can view attendee availability alongside space availability and add bookings directly to host and attendee Google Calendars.

How do I create a desk booking?

Office hoteling software lets you create desk bookings quickly and easily from a variety of access points. Book or check-in via mobile app or at centrally located kiosks, reserve spaces in advance through online request forms, or use calendaring programs to book a space and add it to your personal calendar.