Get inspired on workplace and campus strategies.
Learn the value and best practices of EMS and collaborate with your peers.

  • Emerging Industry Trends

    Emerging Industry Trends

    How is technology changing how we work and learn? What do employees and students demand of a physical environment? Is hoteling just for transient employees? How can organizations do more with less? At EMS Live!, you’ll be exposed to the latest factors driving change in the workplace and learning space.

  • 1-on-1 Instruction

    1-on-1 Instruction

    EMS solutions are highly configurable to your workflow and policies. In the EMS Genius Lab, you’ll get the one-on-one attention you need from the EMS support, product development, and consulting teams. Check back to reserve your appointment in the EMS Genius Lab.



    What are successful organizations doing to solve for both age-old and new meeting and room scheduling challenges, such as last-minute changes, cancellations, video conferencing, visitor management, and eco-friendly facilities? Find out by participating in our many sessions.

  • Networking and Connections

    Networking and Connections

    Exchange thoughts with workplace strategists, finance and real estate executives, schedulers, facility managers, event coordinators, registrars, and IT professionals from across the world. EMS Live! is the best way to discover top priorities, identify what is and is not working, and to build and nurture relationships with your peers.

  • Inspiring Keynotes

    Inspiring Keynotes

    Subject matter expert keynotes will provide exceptional insight into workplace and campus strategies, and the latest from EMS Software. Check out details on our keynote speakers.

  • New Product

    New Product

    EMS Live! is the time and place to get your hands on the most recent EMS product enhancements as well as preview upcoming releases for the first time. Help drive the future direction of the software by participating in What’s New sessions and give feedback at the EMS Genius Lab.

  • Attendance ROI

    Attendance ROI

    Can spending the money to attend EMS Live! 2016 return the value you need to justify the expense? Absolutely! By attending, you’ll be able to understand and address the accelerated, changing priorities of the workplace and learning space, as well as prepare for future trends.

  • Customer Success Stories

    Customer Success Stories

    Attend inspiring sessions led by current EMS customers. Learn from your peers as they share their success and practical experience with the software and more. Have a success story of your own to share? Submit a proposal to be a speaker.


EMS Live! is an interactive, cross-industry conference focused on Workplace of the Future strategies and the utilization of EMS meeting and room scheduling software to enable them.

Join hundreds of workplace strategy, finance, real estate, facilities, IT, and HR executives, as well as schedulers, event coordinators, registrars and other professionals from around the globe.

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