Experts in Workplace Strategy and Change Management to Speak at EMS Live! 2015

EY and Stegmeier Consulting Group to Share Best Practices

DENVER, CO — (October 13, 2015) — EMS Software™, the leading provider of meeting and room scheduling software, announced today that EY and Stegmeier Consulting Group will present sessions on change management for deploying workplace strategies at EMS Live! 2015, the company's annual conference to be held Oct. 26-28 in Orlando.

Laura Toner, Transformation Management Lead for Ernst & Young LLP, will present a keynote session on Wednesday, Oct. 28. Toner’s session, titled “EY’s Deployment of Workplace Strategy,” will cover how EY firms are systematically rolling out Workplaces of the Future (WOTF). To date, there are 40,000 EY people enjoying WOTF environments in over 50 locations across the globe. In the Americas, over 50 locations are in various stages of their change journey.

“Organizations can have the best intentions with a workplace strategy,” said Toner. “But, to support high levels of employee adoption and realize expected business benefits, EY leverages a comprehensive change management roadmap that begins and ends with employee input. I’ll describe this roadmap and then walk through the actual deployment process for the Ernst & Young LLP Boston office, one of the Americas largest implementation sites, and share the results to date. I look forward to sharing our process and specifics around one of our largest implementations at EMS Live!”

Also joining the EMS Live! 2015 schedule is Diane Stegmeier, founder and CEO of Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally-recognized leader in workplace change management with clients such as Northwestern Mutual®, Philips, Nike®, Iron Mountain®, and Time Inc®. Author of the book, The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments, she’ll present two sessions:

Ignoring Shared Workspace Environments: The Fast Track to 2nd Place
Despite the documented financial benefits of shared workspace environments and flexible work initiatives, some organizations still resist considering such a dramatic change. If your organization’s leaders have been skeptical about exploring a shared workspace environment, this session may help you convince them otherwise and provide you with the ammunition to challenge the status quo.

Big Shifts: Changing Workforce Perceptions of Selecting Work Settings
Activity-based work settings. Hoteling. Shared-space environments. On-campus mobility. The (dreaded) open office plan. Regardless of the term your organization is using as it considers transitioning its employees to new ways of working, one thing is certain — resistance to change.

This session will address the workforce perceptions that must shift in order for an organization to maximize its investment in the new work environment and technologies supporting new ways of working.

Read more from Stegmeier in her recent blog post, Embrace the Open Office…It’s Here to Stay.

Held at the Orlando World Center Marriott, EMS Live! 2015 provides a wide array of content for attendees including the factors driving change in the workplace, the future of work, the latest technology innovations for meeting, room, event, and classroom scheduling, as well as the trends driving increased space utilization across an organization.

More than a thousand leaders are expected to gather and connect on these topics, network with colleagues, preview the next major release of EMS software, and learn how to maximize the value they get from using EMS.

Conference attendees will have a number of opportunities to interact with the EMS Software support, development, and consulting teams during sessions and at the Innovation Lab. Conference sessions will cover everything from meeting scheduling to office hoteling, as well as workspace and meeting room management at any organization. The conference registration fee is $995. Visit for more information.