New Google G Suite Integration with EMS Software Improves Student Scheduling Experience and Campus-wide Communication

Industry-leading technology update helps campuses deliver 21st-century planning tools to improve safety, reduce facilities costs, and eliminate classroom scheduling inefficiencies

DENVER, Feb. 13, 2018 -- EMS Software™ today announced higher education institutions can further utilize the ground-breaking campus-wide connectivity platform by integrating with either Microsoft Outlook or Google's G Suite calendars – a result of the latest software release from EMS. Students, professors, event organizers, and employees gain the convenience of requesting and managing classrooms, study areas, and event spaces while integrating real-time data directly from Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange. This gives colleges access to more options for efficient and effective scheduling, with greater oversight into their facilities and campus safety management. This is the first update in an ongoing series of enhancements planned throughout the next year.

This release offers a collection of enhancements for Academic Planning users, including an improved write-back feature for PeopleSoft integration and an updated output interface for the Classroom Scheduling Optimizer. Combined with class and event management, these updates provide a holistic view of space usage across campus all within one platform, allowing colleges and universities to more effectively manage campus-wide safety and optimize their use of all classrooms and social or public spaces.

EMS solves campus optimization and safety issues with the most feature-rich and robust scheduling tool available on the market. And with the G Suite integration, educational institutions embracing either Google or Microsoft will benefit from the improved user experience. In addition to these new features, EMS has always provided industry-leading capabilities, including:

  • Scheduling classrooms according to customizable attributes and preferences such as room size, equipment, location, instructor needs, accessibility, and availability
  • Offering full-service conference and event management, including the coordination of catering, housekeeping, facilities, audio visual and IT support, and public safety/security
  • Providing reports on the data specific to academic schedulers, including classroom seat fill, 'prime time,' and back-to-back assignments
  • Capturing and accommodating departmental, instructor, and other preferences via the web-based Campus Planning Interface (CPI)
  • Enabling bidirectional integration to student information systems (SIS), including PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian PowerCampus, Unit4 CAMS, and Jenzabar CX/EX

"College campuses are transforming their processes to take advantage of the same cost-saving and efficiency-improving technology used by corporations," said Akshay Mahajan, vice president of product management, EMS Software. "As campus management moves into the cloud like most other functions, EMS is at the forefront of this effort. EMS seamlessly connects educators, students, event planners, and administrators with the right spaces, resources, and technologies so they can focus on learning, not logistics. It's this industry-leading technology that makes EMS the choice of most major institutions of higher education in the country."

Additional information about the current update is located on the What's New page.

About EMS Software™

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