EMS Software Announces Its Fall 2017 Release

Update Focused on Improved User Experience, New Integrations for the Platform

Denver, CO (October 13, 2017) – EMS Software™, the only enterprise-class meeting and room scheduling software provider, today announced its latest product release, available as of October 13. The Fall 2017 release dramatically improves how EMS customers book rooms and services through Microsoft Outlook and reserve work spaces through kiosks, and adds new ways to integrate the EMS platform with hardware and other software systems via EMS Platform Services.

“The Fall 2017 release is focused on supporting everyday users who need to conveniently reserve workspaces or meeting rooms," said Akshay Mahajan, vice president of product management for EMS Software. “Outlook is now the central place where people go to book rooms, meetings, and spaces. Given its importance, we’ve completely redesigned the EMS for Outlook add-in with a more elegant user experience, featuring simplified workflows, service enhancements, and support for visitor management.”

The EMS Fall 2017 release also offers a dramatic update to the EMS Kiosk App, a powerful yet easy-to-use software application designed for large touchscreen displays for any lobby or entryway. The prominent, visually appealing Kiosk App offers simplified screens that shortcut how users book a meeting or workspace or view events and facility information. The new release gives a boost to worker productivity and helps to differentiate an organization’s brand through an easier configuration of custom colors, styles, and images.

As with the previous EMS release last spring, this update adds to the functionality of EMS Platform Services. EMS Platform Services is the RESTful API architecture that customers and partners can now use to create faster and more flexible integrations with software, hardware, and custom access points like simple mobile apps, simple Web apps, and kiosks.

For more information about the Fall 2017 release, please visit our "What's New" page. Attendees at EMS Live!, the company’s annual conference held this year in Atlanta, Georgia on October 16-18, 2017, will receive detailed overviews and hands-on access to new features from this and other upcoming releases.

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EMS Software™ helps millions of people create great meetings. AIG, Yale University, Accenture, and thousands of others rely on EMS Software to increase productivity, attract and retain people, reduce costs, and differentiate their brand. EMS Software offers the greatest depth and breadth of functionality, the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting, and an exceptional customer experience. For more information, please visit emssoftware.com.

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