EMS Software Announces Its June Release

New Features For Everyday Users Make Scheduling Space Faster

Denver, CO (June 21, 2016) – EMS Software™, the leading meeting and room scheduling software provider, today announced its next product release, available June 30. The EMS June release includes support for a new mobile app, enhanced Microsoft® Outlook capabilities, and an updated web app interface.

"As organizations look to deliver the right space for their employees or students, one of the challenges is minimizing the obstacles to finding that space," said PG Bartlett, vice president of product for EMS Software. "When it can take people up to 15 minutes to find a place to work, meet, practice, or focus, it's a drain on productivity. Our June release is focused on enabling these users to get the right space, faster." Read more about this release from Bartlett in his blog post, Introducing the EMS June 2016 Release: Empowering the Everyday User.

The June release of EMS Software is focused on everyday users, delivering solutions for them to find, schedule, and secure a place to get things done independently or collaboratively. This release helps organizations to support dynamic hoteling initiatives, helps users quickly find places to meet, gives students the right place to study or work with others on a project, and delivers greater insight into space utilization and occupancy rates.

Highlights of the EMS June release include:

  • New Mobile Application: Available for Apple and Android smartphones, the mobile app enables everyday users to securely schedule meetings, rooms, and workspaces and invite attendees while on-the-go from their mobile devices. The app also helps users find their space and check in to that space with a quick swipe or QR code.
  • Enhanced EMS for Outlook capabilities: The updates to EMS for Outlook help reduce the time it takes a user to find a space within the familiar environment of Outlook. One key enhancement is the ability to easily book multiple rooms if no single room is available for all occurrences of a recurring meeting. This enables the user to create one recurring meeting across multiple spaces from one reservation.
  • A modernized Web app: The updated Web app delivers a faster and easier way for everyday users to schedule via a browser. In a single view, users can see all of their bookings and can check-in, cancel, edit, cancel, or create additional bookings in real-time.

“At GSK we frequently survey employees on which services they use most often and how satisfied they are with those service, including how easy the service is to complete the task. This provides us with a Customer Effort Score (CES) indicating where we need to improve. Scheduling should be near effortless and intuitive. The app’s user interface and customer journey needs to be simple and streamlined,” said Christopher Higgins, Commercial Analytics Director for Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities at GSK. “Our EMS system takes over 1.6 million bookings a year. We expect this latest release to make it faster, easier and nearly effortless for our employees to book rooms, video conferences and services."

With the June release, users can work within familiar tools, such as mobile devices and Outlook, to streamline how they find places to work, meet, and learn – improving overall productivity and efficiency. At the same time, organizations can gather data via check-in capabilities to manage inventory, optimize utilization and plan for the future – all key to the managing the bottom line.

For more information about the June release, please visit our "What's New" page. Attendees at EMS Live!, the company’s annual conference held in Phoenix on September 12-14, 2016, will receive detailed overviews and hands-on access to this feature-rich release.

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