Why You (Yes, You) Need to Be at EMS Live! 2017

September 19, 2017


Are you prepared for the future of the digital workplace or campus?

Here at EMS Software, we believe that the future is one of increasing productivity and reducing operational costs through modern meeting, event and workspace scheduling. Our platform is designed to help you make the most of your resources, keeping your organization running efficiently and cost-effectively.

That’s why the EMS Live! annual conference exists! It’s your chance to make the most of your EMS investment. You’ll get hands-on training and troubleshooting help, meet face-to-face with scheduling professionals, network with peers while gaining tips and insights, and have some well-deserved fun along the way.

Our annual conference is fast approaching. Here’s what’s on tap for next month.

Learn from the Experts
Nothing can replace meeting and learning from the experts in person, and EMS Live! supplies you plenty of these opportunities. You’ll be both inspired and informed during our keynote sessions and customer-led presentations from organizations including Verizon, Yale University, JP Morgan Chase, Gonzaga University, University of Nevada Reno, and Cedars Sinai.

Get Up-Close-and-Personal Training
With so many demands in your workweek, it can be difficult to find time to focus on learning something that will make your job easier. Now you can. Schedule 30 minutes of hands-on training and troubleshooting with one of our consultants, and meet one-on-one with your Account Manager. You’ll also pick up best practices and time-saving tips during our enlightening demonstrations and breakout sessions.

Expand Your Vision
Where is the EMS platform headed? What vision does our company have for its products? What’s in our roadmap for future product releases (and how can you add your two cents?) EMS Live! is designed to share information with you about our product plans and vision so that you can see how our strategies are helping your organization stay a leader in the digital workplace or campus.

Have Fun in “Play”
Past attendees have told us this is one of their favorite activities at EMS Live! The “Play” area is a hub for advice, education, and business connections. You can play with the latest EMS release features as well as partner and sponsor hardware and software.

Grow Your Network
Build relationships with like-minded peers as you gain expert tips and make new contacts. The conference is structured to allow you plenty of time to meet with others who also want to improve their skills and bring insights back to their organization. Best of all, you can do it at our Southern Soiree party, featuring southern-inspired drinks and a live jazz band.

Explore Atlanta
October is a great time of year to check out what Atlanta has to offer. You might take in The Atlanta History Center, a 33-acre experience in a vibrant community; the famous Fox Theatre, home to the Atlanta Opera and the Atlanta Ballet; Martin Luther King, Jr. National Park, the location of his birth and the church where he moved hearts and minds; the Georgia Aquarium, featuring 80,000 whale sharks, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and more; and The World of Coca-Cola, a museum dedicated entirely to Coke.

Whether you’re an expert, a brand new user, or someone simply looking for new perspectives on the digital campus or workplace, EMS Live! is for you. If you haven’t registered, please visit the EMS Live! registration page to secure your place. If you’ve already registered, but still need to book your hotel room, the deadline to make your reservation at our exclusive rate is this Friday, September 29, 2017.