Why Going to the Cloud Makes Dollars and Sense

December 6, 2017


Cloud Services for EMS was launched in 2016. Since then, we’ve had a steady stream of customers successfully migrate their EMS environments to the Cloud. Here’s why should you be among them.

The Benefits of Cloud Services

Increased Productivity

We know from our customers that EMS increases productivity throughout their organizations. Moving to the Cloud amplifies this benefit.

With Cloud Services, you’re always on the latest version – meaning the most recent features of the EMS tools you’ve purchased, such as the EMS Mobile App, EMS Room Sign App, Skype for Business Integration, EMS for Microsoft® Outlook, and all the others, are available more quickly, leading to greater user adoption. Additionally, the more scheduling tools employees have available, the more time they save booking and managing meetings.

And as user adoption grows, your environment can easily scale to meet demand.

Finally, going to the Cloud saves precious IT resource time. Releases, updates, bug fixes, patches, and new integrations are all handled for you – allowing your IT team to focus on other important projects while providing the latest version of EMS to users within a secure, low-maintenance environment.

Reduce Costs

Another key benefit of migrating to Cloud Services is the reduced costs.

First, Cloud Services is a lower upfront cost with predictable, annual subscription-based pricing. Second, you save on expensive infrastructure and maintenance costs for servers, storage, and networking. Plus, because there are no associated capital expenses on your end, the subscription can be accounted as an operational expense.

Cloud Services for EMS: A Peak Under the Hood

Security and service are top of mind for Cloud Services for EMS.

Hosting Providers, SLAs, and Security

Cloud Services for EMS is hosted on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure, and is available in North America, the EU and UK, Australia, as well as other geographies. It is built with enterprise-class security, including data encryption both at Rest and in Flight.

Cloud Services for EMS also features high-uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Disaster Recovery (DR), High Availability (HA), and Business Continuity (BC) because it is situated in multiple regions within the same geography. EMS performs regular Penetration Tests and Scans to ensure a secure environment as well as continuous monitoring to ensure that SLAs are being met.

Releases, Updates, Bug Fixes, and More

EMS handles all releases, updates, bug fixes, patches, and EMS integrations for you. We provide both a Test Environment and a Production Environment so you have time to make sure your organization is prepared for the change(s).

World-Class Support

With Cloud Services for EMS, you get 24/7 access to our world-class support team. Additionally, you’ll work directly with our Professional Services team during your initial set-up to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Read more important details about Cloud Services for EMS.

Explore Going to the Cloud Today

With all the benefits, it’s certainly worth exploring. EMS customers such as ExxonMobil, U.S. Patent Office, Harvard University, Foley & Lardner LLP and many more are using Cloud Services for EMS.

For more information on Cloud Services for EMS, contact your EMS representative today.