What to Expect at EMS Live

June 20, 2018


There’s nothing like creating new connections, exploring diverse ideas, sharpening the tools of your trade, and returning to the office with new ideas to optimize your organization – and EMS Live, our annual user conference, is designed to do just that.

“Meeting different colleagues from different institutions where we're able to collaborate is a teamwork environment. You’re finding out about things that could be possibly beneficial for them or vice versa,” said Anthony Galarza of George Washington University at last year’s EMS Live event in Atlanta.  “I wish I could bring everyone to this conference.”

Here’s a look at why EMS Live is a must-attend event each year:

New Connections

Over and over, participants have let us know that networking is one of the best parts of the event. Last year, attendees found that being around others in similar work situations was inspiring and gave them an avenue for comparing the challenges they face, not just in their daily work routines but in the broader context of their industries and careers.

EMS Live pays careful attention to setting up the event so that it promotes networking, right from the start. The first afternoon of the conference is devoted to formal sessions segmented by industry and region so that attendees can meet one another, pick up tips from peers, and in many cases put faces to familiar names. Then the groups are broken out by industry and role, which further allows for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

There’s plenty of opportunity for informal networking as well. Along with the breaks scheduled between sessions to allow attendees time to reflect and make contacts, the conference features an attendee appreciation party where you can kick back, relax, and share insights outside of the scheduled sessions while partaking in good food, drink, and entertainment.

Knowledge Gains

Listening and learning from others takes place in a number of settings at this event. Keynote presentations share how new trends, technologies, and work models are shaping the connected workplace and campus, and attendees get a chance to hear about the EMS vision and where we believe the future of work and learning is headed. Customer stories provide an inside look at the challenges and successes that your peers have tackled, using EMS to accomplish their organizational goals. You also can see first-hand what other campuses or businesses are doing – for example, how the University of Notre Dame was able to triple their reservations and more than double the number of bookings in a few short years – and what they have learned along the way.

This type of knowledge transfer also takes place during the smaller breakout sessions with more than 60 wide-ranging topics, including sessions like “Transitioning from Virtual EMS to the Web App,” “Optimization: Increasing Efficiency in Room Scheduling,” and “Simplifying the Online End User Experience and Managing Self-Service Space.”

Attendees have consistently named the breakout sessions as one of the most valuable aspects of the event, in part because of the emphasis on practical tips and techniques. And for those who are considering EMS, it's also a great opportunity to talk to all kinds of users and get candid, honest answers to your questions about the product.

At EMS Live you get insight from not just your own area of focus, but also from other industries and across all areas of scheduling and resource management. 

Hands-on Experience

Are you interested in discovering new ways to use EMS at your organization? Are you looking to hearing more about the forthcoming initiatives that might be a good fit your department? Or are you hoping to get a first look at the exciting new features planned for our products?

EMS Live has time set aside for you to schedule hands-on training and troubleshooting with our solutions consultants. You can also get an exclusive taste of what a customer success plan could do for your organization with a one-on-one meeting with your Account manager. Ask specific questions about your instance of EMS, discuss recent product updates, and determine if you should make any critical updates to your EMS deployment.

Our event aims to elevate your skills and experience, and EMS Live wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to see the coolest new innovations in the market. That’s exactly what you get in the Play area. You can explore and experiment with the latest software releases, partner hardware, and system integrations, discovering new strategies that you can bring back to your institution after the conference has ended. Along with talking to vendors and learning about your different options for hardware-agnostic, you can demo new products and beta versions of upcoming releases – even giving input into the final products!

Come Join us in Denver

This October, more than 700 EMS innovators and experts will gather in Denver to enhance their skills and boost their workplace and campus strategies. We’d love for you to be part of this exclusive opportunity. To register for the event or learn more about attending, please visit https://www.emssoftware.com/emslive.

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