What’s the Future of EMS?

October 6, 2015


At EMS Software, the Product team lives this question all day, every day. To help us answer this question, we listen to customers, prospective customers, colleagues, and analysts. We watch trends in technology, industry, and workplace strategy. We learn where we can add the greatest value to our customers’ efforts to increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide a great place to work. We imagine your future, and we put all of this together to create a vision for our software.

And at this year’s EMS Live! 2015 conference, we’re excited to show you our vision, and how our vision will progress from where we are today to the EMS of the future.

We’ll start by showing you the next release in January– already feature-complete and in the shakedown phase. In January, we’ll deliver the three enhancements that you, our expert users, have requested most – automated reporting and enhancements to notifications and user-defined fields. And, we’ll deliver other important improvements in functionality, convenience, and security. Everyone at the conference will preview the highlights of this release in a keynote presentation, and then you’ll have the chance to attend sessions where our product management team digs into the details for you.

Up next: our release in June 2016. With its strong focus on your “everyday” users, who simply need the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting, the release in June overhauls how your everyday users book and manage meetings. Whether they’re using their browsers, their smartphones, or Microsoft Outlook, your users will encounter a new design that’s elegant, simple, and intuitive. You’ll see an overview of our new designs at a keynote presentation, and then you can attend sessions where we’ll walk you step by step through the details.

And finally, our longer-term roadmap. We’ll discuss the trends in people, space, and technology behind our vision. We’ll show you our new Meeting Lifecycle Model, which gives us a different way to think about your needs, and to inspire our creativity. We’ll present our conclusions and we’ll share the highlights of our long-term roadmap, which emphasizes broad functionality for our expert users, empowerment for our everyday users, and state-of-the-art technology that meets your next-generation needs.

We can hardly wait to see you at the conference and present our vision and plans, but most important, we’re looking forward to your feedback, insights, and suggestions.

Watch PG's recorded webinar for more information on the upcoming 2016 product releases.