Welcome to EMS Live! 2015

October 25, 2015


And…we’re off to a roaring start to EMS Live! 2015. Our stellar events intern Erin Murphy kicked off Registration with a Periscope tour of the conference area.

Mid-afternoon, more than 125 people attended one of four Beginner’s Clinic workshops. While many of you were new to EMS, others wanted a refresher while still others couldn’t wait to test the boundaries of their ultra-skills with the software.

Last year, the #1 piece of feedback was more networking activities. More than 180 attendees participated in the Regional Networking Sessions.

Hands down the most popular topic was strategies for expanding EMS across the organization. Many of you shared how to overcome objections to those resistant to change, namely how to communicate the benefits of a new system, navigate the change from the current to the new system and encourage and speed adoption. Also a popular topic -- how to better keep service providers in the loop. Several of you offered solutions for better leveraging notifications and reports in order to keep service deliveries accurate.

You covered several other interesting topics, including digital signage, parking space management, and Outlook. The networking sessions teemed with best practices. Let’s plan to repeat them again next year.

#EMSLive15 first networking session with our region peers was excellent! Ready for the welcome reception this evening!!! via @NicholeSmithson

And, ready for the welcome reception we were! A lively gathering on the Marriott West Terrace --complete with Latin band, cuisine and dancing -- topped off the evening. I observed friends reuniting from conferences of years past and countless others making new connections. Storytelling of trials and tribulations at work, at home, and at play fueled those conversations well into the evening.

Tomorrow, we kick things off with breakfast at 7:30 AM ET followed by the keynote sessions at 8:30 AM ET. The Wifi network is online tomorrow. Join the Marriott_CONF network and enter the password ‘EMSLive15’. 

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