Wasted Space: The Underutilized Office [Infographic]

| June 26, 2018

More than 30% of your office space is underused.

That's right – between 30% and 40% of workspaces are underutilized in a typical workday in the U.S.  And the employees who are in the office are a whopping 89% dissatisfied with their workspaces, lacking the flexibility and mobility they crave.

This misuse is costing you in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction and your bottom line. A new infographic shows you just how much:

Workplace Utilization Infographic

Imagine being able to support more than 40% more workers in the same space you have now. And a happier, more productive workforce with higher retention and greater job satisfaction.

To learn more about how you can unbox your workspace and remove the barriers to inspired work, download our eBook, Top 5 Trends in Workspace Optimization 2018.

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