Sync EMS to Your Building Automation Systems to Reduce Costs and Improve Sustainability

May 10, 2017


If you are using EMS to schedule classes, meetings, and other events, you know it is powerful. But did you know that you can use those same EMS schedules to control heating, cooling, lighting, and security in your buildings?

EMS and Events2HVAC: A Partnership Delivering Results
Events2HVAC event automation software, offered by our technology partner Streamside Solutions, bridges the gap between room schedules and HVAC schedules by pulling data from EMS and sending commands to your buildings’ automation systems, HVAC controls, and security systems to automate room conditions according to scheduled use. Returning HVAC to unoccupied settings between events reduces energy use an average of 20-40% – helping to achieve both your budgetary and sustainability goals.

EMS customers that have integrated Events2HVAC report a strong return on investment (ROI). A few examples of EMS and Events2HVAC:

  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Kenneth Miskow, Building Operations Manager, decreased electricity use related to cooling by 33%, electricity use related to heating by 16%, and chilled water use by 29% in the Carolina Union. 
  • Appalachian State University: Patrick Richardson, Energy Analyst, proved 39.7% electricity savings and achieved an ROI within five months in the student union.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: The school achieved ROI within seven months with similar electricity savings, plus a 12.6% decrease in gas consumption.

Events2HVAC is installed on a server or virtual machine on site, for both on-site and cloud-based EMS implementations. Setup is very flexible, with the ability to create zones of control. For each event within EMS, Events2HVAC can control room temperatures based on event start and stop times or on setup and teardown times. Events2HVAC also adds pre-start and post-stop times to ensure that large rooms are comfortable when events begin, and that everyone has time to exit the area at the end of an event before HVAC returns to unoccupied settings.

Events2HVAC is compatible with most modern building automation systems and several types of wireless thermostats. Compatible systems include Johnson Controls MSEA, Siemens Apogee, Automated Logic, Honeywell EBI, Alerton, Carrier I-Vu, Tridium Niagara, and many more. Pelican Wireless, Founten, and Network Thermostats are also supported.

To learn more about the Events2HVAC integration, contact your EMS representative or visit the Events2HVAC website.

About Streamside Solutions
Streamside Solutions originally developed the solution for use on college campuses. Since then, it has been expanded to serve K-12 schools, convention centers, churches, government agencies, and corporations. While some implementations are just one building, others are campus-wide or even across many locations such as an entire school district. Licensing for Events2HVAC is based on the number of rooms scheduled in EMS to make the software affordable for both large and small implementations.