Seizing Opportunity with EMS

February 29, 2016


Work-life is filled with daily challenges. Some stretch our thinking and grow our professional skills. Others are irritating, unnecessary and, frankly, a waste of time. This is often the case for scheduling meetings and rooms. Scheduling meetings and rooms can be rife with challenges:

  • Multiple steps and manual processes
  • A lot of emails
  • Double bookings
  • Miscommunications
  • Limited applications that don’t talk to one-another

Sounds like a headache because it is. The remedy? EMS Software provides the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting, room, workspace, resource, and service for employees. As a result, you and your organization will realize many benefits, such as increased productivity.

As illustrated in our video, Meeting and Room Scheduling for the Everyday User, EMS is a user-friendly meeting and room scheduling platform that integrates easily with other solutions, such as Microsoft® Outlook. How does EMS accomplish this? Let’s take a look.

Meeting and Room Scheduling with EMS

The average time to create a meeting is 13 minutes. This adds up to an excessive amount of time considering the amount of meetings people create within a workweek.

Surveyed customers report that EMS cuts the amount of time it takes to create a meeting by 7 minutes.

EMS reduces the time it takes to create meetings. For example, an employee named Ann works for a global software company. Ann is traveling to the New York office and needs to reserve a workspace and schedule some meetings. With EMS, Ann filters and reserves workspaces and meeting rooms by city, building, and floor. She views the office’s floor plans to reserve places in close proximity to her team.

When she schedules her meetings, Ann filters meeting rooms that are equipped with video conferencing and a whiteboard. She wants catering delivered. Within the same screen, Ann enters her catering order, complete with billing and payment information. Lastly, Ann knows because EMS is the single system of record that she’ll avoid double bookings, the meeting room will include video conferencing and a whiteboard, and the catering will arrive on time and the order will be correct — ensuring that her meetings will be a success.

As the example above illustrates, EMS capabilities make it fast and easy to schedule meetings and reserve workspaces, from booking the room to securing the services and resources you need. In fact, our surveyed customers report that EMS cuts the amount of time it takes to create a meeting from 13 minutes to 6, saving 7 minutes.

85% of surveyed customers increased productivity by reducing the time spent booking a meeting. Tweet

EMS helps people create great meetings. And, with seven minutes saved per reservation that's a big boost in productivity. Question is, will you take on the meeting and room scheduling challenge?

Watch our Meeting and Room Scheduling for the Everyday User video or request a personalized demo to learn more about these features and more.