EMS Product Development Principles and Focus

November 30, 2015


The product team at EMS Software constantly thinks about the future of our products. While we typically focus on the product releases that are currently under development, we never stop thinking about how the product will change over the next few years.

At EMS, we never stop thinking about how the product will change over the years.

In this post, I’m going to talk about specific areas that we’re investing in — beginning with the principles behind our thinking.

Principle #1: Focus on the user

We divide you, our users, into two categories: ‘expert users’ and ‘everyday users.’

Expert users spend a lot of their time in EMS and primarily include roles such as:

  • Event managers
  • Service providers
  • Facilities administrators

Everyday users just want to book space: they either want to host a meeting or find a workspace.

Our focus on you as users is more than just hot air — we’re spending money in this area. In the last year, we’ve been hiring experts in User Experience (UX) to build up our capacity and skills because we will settle for nothing less than terrific UX.

Principle #2: Focus on the problem

To those of you who are expert users, ‘success’ means many things: quickly assigning space, optimally utilizing space, efficiently managing and delivering services, promptly responding to requests, accurately generating invoices or chargebacks, and effectively carrying out all of their other responsibilities.

EMS plays a pivotal role in the success of our expert users, and since those of you typically spend most of your day in our software, you expect us to provide an extensive set of capabilities that you can adapt to your specific needs.

As for everyday users, all you want to do is book a meeting or reserve a workspace — and to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

Principle #3: Focus on delivering value

You look to us not only to solve your problems, but also to help point to meaningful benefits that EMS helps you deliver. So as we build our roadmap, we also focus on four pillars of value:

  • Increase productivity: we want to help you improve the productivity for both expert users and their everyday users.
  • Reduce costs: we aim to help you save money by utilizing their real estate, energy, and resources more efficiently.
  • Attract and retain people: leaders of both business and academic organizations know that their people have access to wonderful technologies in their personal lives, which has led people to expect similar technologies to be available at work or on campus. Additionally, it’s not enough for technology just to “solve a problem” — the user experience should be wonderful, with thoughtful touches that surprise and delight, making work a great experience. We’re striving to build that kind of experience into EMS, which will in turn help attract and retain people to your organization.
  • Differentiate their brand: whether you want to host a meeting with important guests or put on a multi-day event, you want their execution to go beyond flawless — you want to make the experience for your guests unique. Our technology helps you deliver a distinctive, impressive experience.

You look to us not only to solve your problems, but also to help point to meaningful benefits that EMS helps them deliver.

Principle #4: Focus on what makes EMS special

We know what we’re good at. For many years, EMS Software has been known for delivering the greatest breadth and depth of functionality to expert users. As expert users, you have driven us to extend our products in hundreds of different ways, and in our January release we’re continuing to add your most-requested functionality.

But we also know we need to go beyond requested functionality. With our June release, we expect to make enormous progress against our goal of delivering the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting and an exceptional user experience (UX).

Upcoming EMS Software Releases

Coming in late January, we’ll be releasing the features and enhancements most requested by our expert users. Learn more by reading my Introducing our January 2016 Product Release blog post. In June, we’ll be releasing new functionality and an improved user experience for our everyday users.

On-demand webinars are available now to see demonstrations of the new features and enhancements available in the January release: