Playing Around at EMS Live

November 15, 2017


Each year at EMS Live, we strive to offer our attendees an experience that will help them foster innovative change within their organizations. Our Meet and Learn areas offer immediate gratification: attendees have experts answer their most pressing questions about EMS Software. The Collaborate area brings them together to network and learn from each other.

But this year, our redesigned Play area attracted the most attention by adding an interactive dimension to the EMS Live experience. For the updated Play, we envisioned an open space where attendees could toy around with new technologies, test out partner hardware, and see cutting-edge integrations in action.

In Play, attendees played directly with a variety of room signs, kiosks, sensors, and other technologies like Alexa to see exactly how they could implement these tools back at their organizations. We also offered guided tours that shared real-life examples of how these innovative technologies were being used in the modern workspace and the digital campus.

EMS Live 2017 - Play Tour

“It was extremely valuable to hear how other organizations are utilizing this exciting technology,” said Stephanie L.

Our inspiration for Play came directly from our day-to-day activities at the EMS HQ, where we use the same scheduling tools featured in Play, like the newest Outlook add-on and the mobile app. Not only does this help us to better understand our customer’s needs, it impels us to think more about how to improve these kinds of integrations and access points.

As a result, Play was one of our most popular areas at this year’s EMS Live. According to EMS Live attendee Tim G., “being able to get hands-on experience with the hardware was great! We are now looking at doing more with the mobile app and possibly adding the room sign app to our account.”

EMS Live 2017 - Play

Users even had the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on upcoming releases, including a newly redesigned EMS Mobile App. We’re already thinking about what Play will look like next year in Denver and brainstorming new ways to make this area even more beneficial for you. Expect a first-hand look at our new integrations and even more of the latest partner hardware.

We hope you’ll join us next year in Denver on October 1-3, 2018, to see what exciting new technologies you can take advantage of at EMS Live. Register now for early bird pricing.