Our Customers Share Their Favorite Insights from EMS Live!

October 2, 2017


"It’s fascinating to see how other organizations come up with solutions that never even occurred to us.” 

This is one of the many comments we heard at EMS Live! 2016 about how the conference continues to benefit our customers and their organizations. 

And there’s plenty more to be excited about this year. Here’s the kinds of insights and takeaways you can look forward to at EMS Live!, in the words of last year’s attendees:

Building Product Expertise 

“We're looking to upgrade soon, so the keynotes and breakout sessions got me excited to see what's coming up next. They help me learn about updates and what can we anticipate; otherwise, it's just hard to do that on the job. I can read about it, but it's not the same as seeing someone talk about it or seeing someone use it.” – Ellen A., Room Scheduling Coordinator, Harvard Medical School

“I really valued the instructor-led sessions and speaking with other EMS users to see how they used the system. The sessions were a great opportunity to learn more about the system and what it can do.” – Patsy P., Events and Operations Coordinator, national research institution

Valuable Networking 

“While the sessions and the keynote are a huge benefit to EMS Live!, I honestly think that the biggest thing is the networking here. Because you're dealing with a lot of people who are in similar situations, and they're like-minded, and they're dealing with the same challenges. I often come away with all sorts of unique ideas on how to fix my problems.”  – Bradley B., Head of Events, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

Innovative Ideas

“Attending the EMS Live! conferences is a huge help for our organization, because it really solidifies everyone. It gives people on our team more contact points. Our university has been around for more than 125 years and we have a lot of ‘We've always done it this way.’ Being able to be exposed to different things, or maybe things that aren't different or new, but that have been there for a while that we haven't used is huge.” – Suzie M., Assistant Director for Finance and Business, Gonzaga University 

“It was great being able to learn about features we don't use but should consider using. Also, learning from other attendees was instructive, especially other corporate customers.” – Susan D., Manager of Conference Services, large financial services firm

Efficiency Best Practices 

“At the last conference, we learned from one of the other schools how they provide after-hours booking rules in EMS. We had wanted to do the same thing. We have conference rooms in the building, which are not for student use, but after 5 o'clock, it's okay for the students to be able to use them. Other customers had already done this and it's so absurdly simple in EMS, but it never occurred to us how to do it.” – Jonathan I., Manager for Application Development, Yale School of Management

Implementation Insights 

The biggest piece that I'll take back is the necessity for collaboration and how different teams have to work together in order to make EMS a successful implementation for our firm. It can't just be a real-estate team, an HR team, an IT team, an office operations team…Hearing from all of the stakeholders and all of the presenters, that seems to be a very common theme and certainly something I want to take back to our stakeholders.” – Devora S., Manager in Office Operations department, KKR

Irreplaceable Face-to-Face Interactions 

“I attended the conference before we implemented the software, but what I noticed the most was how strong the company was and all the positive feedback from other clients. You guys did great; can't wait to attend the next one.” – Michelle C., Conference Services Manager, leading law and government relations organization

“This is my sixth opportunity of coming to EMS Live! and I've really enjoyed being able to collaborate with these people that have put together a great product and to get to know them on a one-on-one basis. You can talk on the phone, but there’s something about being face to face and in a little conversation that's really helpful.” – LaNae P., University Scheduling Manager, BYU Idaho

We’re looking forward to seeing you face-to-face at EMS Live! 2017. Above are just some of the benefits you can expect from the conference. If you’ve not yet registered, there’s still time. Visit EMS Live! 2017 to sign up