EMS Refresh: A Modern Look for Modern Times

February 22, 2018


Your landscape has changed. Technologies are evolving, employee and student expectations are growing, and new organizational strategies are developing to keep pace with this rapid transformation. Workspace management has become more critical than ever.

In keeping up with the new landscape, we’ve decided to give EMS Software a refreshed look – one that better reflects our deep commitment to solving today’s workspace challenges. With more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record including thousands of enterprise and higher education clients, we wanted to demonstrate our own ongoing evolution and agility in a highly visible way.

So, today we unveil our new logo, redesigned to show our energy and growth and demonstrate our continuous innovation:

The simplified lines, brighter colors, and open feel, reflects how EMS is a rich workspace connectivity platform that enables today’s dynamic work and learning places by removing barriers to resources, ideas, and inspiration. Your workspace is no longer defined by its walls, and neither is our logo.

This new logo, along with our refreshed homepage design, is the first visual representation of our updated look and feel. Soon you will see other brand updates, on our website, in our product, and elsewhere, as we continue to innovate within our enterprise-class platform.

We will continue to be a trusted partner in your transformation journey, and we are committed to our goal of connecting your people with the right spaces and resources to help you make the most of your modern workplace and learning environments.

Find out what other exciting updates are coming this year by contacting us today.