Law Firm Scheduling with EMS Software

October 17, 2016


For a law firm, meetings and events are the best opportunities to impress clients, conduct business, and enhance its reputation. And with the litany of details to coordinate before, during and after the meeting—from catering and video conferencing to facilities, attendees, AV, billing, and security—it’s no wonder that the pressure to deliver the perfect meeting can be relentless.

But for many of the largest firms, the perfect meeting is not a unicorn. Their solution to scheduling complexity has been EMS Software. EMS is widely used by 10 of the top 20 firms in the 2016 Am Law 100, and 6 of the top 20 global law firms ranked by revenue.

When considering implementing EMS, the challenge for law firms (and any large professional services firm, for that matter) is how to properly evaluate the most pertinent features within a solution as configurable as EMS. With so many options, including booking resources, video conferencing integration and service reporting, any software demo runs the risk of getting bogged down by too much detail on one hand, or just skimming the surface on the other.

With that in mind, we produced a live, one-hour webinar called, “The Secret to Flawless Meetings? Scheduling with EMS Software.” The webinar highlights two scheduling scenarios within a law firm. The presenters mix live software demos with practical discussions to show exactly how EMS software is used by firms throughout the meeting and event lifecycle.

  • The webinar covers:
  • Why scheduling software is a must-have
  • How large law firms get the most out of their software solution
  • How EMS Software addresses the most common planning errors
  • About EMS Software

To view this on-demand webinar, visit The Secret to Flawless Meetings.