Introducing the EMS June 2016 Release: Empowering the Everyday User

June 20, 2016


Things have been exciting here at EMS Software over the past few months. We have put a lot of effort into our latest product release, coming out at the end of this month, June 2016. 

The EMS June 2016 release has been built specifically to meet the needs of everyday users – people such as students and employees who simply want to book a meeting or reserve a space to meet, work, practice, or study with minimal effort. These users expect to accomplish their task with the fewest possible clicks, in the least amount of time possible, without any training or help – and we’re confident that we’ve achieved that goal with this release.

The way that we work and learn has changed. Collaboration, flexibility, and generational differences – not to mention the bottom line – are driving organizations to revisit how work and learning spaces should be used and offered. Organizations are embracing Workplace of the Future and Digital Campus initiatives. An important part of these initiatives is allowing people to book space as needed according to the work or learning activity they’ll be doing. The EMS June 2016 release is focused on giving the everyday user the tools they need within this paradigm.  

First, we are introducing a new mobile application for on-the-go scheduling. The EMS Mobile App, available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, will enable users to schedule, find, book, check in, and cancel reservations from their phones. 

Second, we updated EMS for Microsoft® Outlook with an enhanced user experience. The updates are focused on enabling everyday users to seamlessly book meetings from a tool that they are very familiar with – Outlook. One of the features that we are really excited about is how the updated EMS for Outlook can handle recurring meetings. If a room is unavailable for one of the days in a recurring booking, EMS for Outlook recommends an alternative room, eliminating the hassle of trying to resolve it using multiple meetings within Outlook.

Last, we are introducing an updated web application that delivers a faster and easier way to check availability and schedule meetings, rooms and workspaces. The EMS Web App also includes a single view of meetings so that users can visualize all of their bookings on a single screen.  

With these updates, the everyday user is given the tools that they need to get the right space, faster. With the EMS Mobile App, a student can grab their smartphone and book a place to work in the library while they are riding the bus to campus. With the EMS Web App, an employee can quickly find a hoteling workspace with a few clicks. Finally, with EMS for Outlook, a manager can easily set up a recurring team meeting without having to worry if a specific conference room is not available at 10am every Monday. These EMS June 2016 release enhancements minimize the amount of time that everyday users need to spend to try to get work done – increasing productivity. 

The hidden power of all of these enhancements is that while we’re providing the fastest and easiest way for everyday users to get the right space, EMS is logging which spaces are being used and how in order to track utilization and keep inventory up-to-date. This data allows our customers to make more informed real estate and facilities planning decisions, ultimately helping to reduce costs. 

Scheduled for availability at the end of this month, the EMS June 2016 release will give your everyday users a fast, intuitive way to book meetings and spaces from all common access points web, mobile, and Outlook. 

For more information on the June 2016 release, visit our What’s New page, and stay tuned for upcoming blog posts further detailing each aspect of the release.