How EMS Live Can Boost ROI for Your Organization

August 16, 2018


When deciding whether to send a member of your team to EMS Live, the most critical (and common) consideration is how valuable the event will be for both your team and your organization. You’ll need to determine if the value your team gains outweighs the cost of attending. (Spoiler alert: It does!)

To make this determination, it’s important to look at what EMS Live offers: a wide variety of sessions with training and speakers catering to all employee levels and job functions. This breadth of information means that the value of EMS Live ultimately depends on the kind of ROI you’re looking for.:

  • Would your team benefit from automating more manual tasks?
  • Are you trying to improve your organization’s employee or student experience?
  • Are you looking to reduce your bottom line costs?

Once you have answered these questions for your organization, then you can see how EMS Live helps you meet or increase ROI.

In talking to past attendees of EMS Live, we’ve found that organizations see the greatest value in three ways:

  1. Improved & Expanded Use of EMS

“I really valued the instructor-led sessions and speaking with other EMS users to see how they used the system. The sessions were a great opportunity to learn more about the system and what it can do.”
– Patsy P., Events and Operations Coordinator, national research institution

The biggest benefit of attending EMS Live comes from the one-on-one sessions with EMS experts, including our account executives, professional services and support teams. By scheduling time in the “Meet” and “Learn” areas at EMS Live, attendees have an opportunity to ask informal questions and discuss a wide range of EMS-related topics that would require an additional fee outside of this event. Attendees can use this time to learn new tips and tricks, troubleshoot organization-specific challenges, or even get consultative advice on how to improve existing workflows. The insights gained here can save thousands of dollars for your organization.

For example, IT specialists from large companies know that installing an EMS update can be costly when factoring in staff resources and downtime. By talking with one of our EMS experts, you can identify which software updates are necessary and worth the time to implement. Also, our experts can help identify non-critical updates or updates that focus on unused products, allowing your organization to make educated decisions about your update schedule – and save you money.

Attendees also get to take a closer look at EMS products to learn best practices and new strategies to help streamline existing procedures. Clinics offer a great way for new staff to get up to speed quickly or show more seasoned EMS users on your team more efficient ways of using the EMS software, further saving time and money for your organization.

  1. Community Building & Networking with Peers

“While the sessions and the keynote are a huge benefit to EMS Live, I honestly think that the biggest thing is the networking here. Because you’re dealing with a lot of people who are in similar situations, and they’re like-minded, and they’re dealing with the same challenges. I often come away with all sorts of unique ideas on how to fix my problems.”
– Bradley B., Head of Events, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

While not as easily quantifiable, the opportunity to build connections with other EMS users is every bit as valuable as the one-on-one training. By networking with peers at the EMS Live welcome reception, attendee appreciation event and breakout sessions throughout the day, you can tap into an even wider breadth of knowledge beyond our event programming.

EMS Live attendees include EMS experts and power users across all industries and organizational sizes. This annual event is an exclusive opportunity for you to gain new perspectives on similar challenges or learn valuable tips from others who are using EMS every single day. In addition to the 30+ customer breakout sessions, any number of networking conversations can yield fresh ideas and time-saving tips that can result in massive improvements to your organizational strategy and workflows.

  1. Forward-Thinking Insights & Ideas

“We’re looking to upgrade soon, so the keynotes and breakout sessions got me excited to see what’s coming up next. They help me learn about updates and what can we anticipate; otherwise, it’s just hard to do that on the job. I can read about it, but it’s not the same as seeing someone talk about it or seeing someone use it.”
– Ellen A., Room Scheduling Coordinator, Harvard Medical School

Over the years, EMS Live has evolved to more than just an opportunity for rich insights and personalized learning. Now, our annual user conference hosts expert speakers across multiples industries, who share new and exciting ideas about the future of work and learning. From panel discussions to keynotes to breakout sessions, everyone presenting at EMS Live has an eye on The Next Big Thing. By attending EMS Live, your team can not only prepare themselves for new developments, but even get out in front.

At EMS Live, you also have an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with some of the latest technology, allowing you to try out and ask questions about new and expensive hardware and software before you make the investment. The ultimate value here is the money you’ll save by keeping pace with big changes in an ever-evolving technology environment.

EMS Live is an Investment, Not an Expense

The fee to attend EMS Live is an investment in your employees. Attending this annual user conference means your employees can take advantage of personalized instruction, valuable new skills and career-building relationships not available anywhere else in the industry. This additional training is a win-win situation for your organization, making it possible for you to retain valuable expertise and build your internal skills inventory.

After the conference, your employees can host a series of “Lunch & Learn” sessions across your organization to educate other teams. So you can realize the direct ROI of employee growth from attending EMS Live by starting a dialogue about new processes and challenges across your organization, further building on the value of the conference.

Register now for EMS Live, October 1-3 in Denver, CO. New to EMS Live? Visit our Agenda page and identify the sessions and speakers to help enhance and expand your team’s current skill set.

We hope to see you in Denver!

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