Gartner Paper: Best Practices for Enabling Videoconferencing in Huddle Rooms

Larry Goldman | August 8, 2016

Video conferencing (VC) is an increasingly popular option for meeting technology. For example, law firms book hundreds to thousands of VC meetings each year, connecting lawyers to lawyers and lawyers to clients around the globe. The investment in equipment is not trivial, as each site participating in the video conference requires a high-performance camera, a microphone, a speaker, a monitor with adequate display size, software and an IP or ISDN connection.

This generally means that only a few meeting spaces can be used for VC, even when the equipment is fitted to a mobile cart. Additionally, conference managers and service directors recognize that offering VC comes with a unique set of challenges: the technology is advanced and demands additional coordination, especially when it involves multiple offices, personnel, services, and recurrences.

With office space at a premium and the use of video conferencing on the rise, the likelihood is that scheduling bottlenecks will increasingly impact your organization’s productivity and bottom line. Fortunately, there are new and affordable ways to extend the use of video conferencing. Download our complimentary Gartner® paper, Best Practices for Enabling Videoconferencing in Huddle Rooms. In this paper, Gartner discusses:

  • The variety of smaller spaces – "huddle rooms" - for meetings of up to four people.
  • Best practices for planners and IT managers to successfully enable smaller spaces with video conferencing solutions.
  • How to stretch the budget through less-expensive endpoints for more rooms.

We hope you find this complimentary Gartner paper valuable.

Larry Goldman
written by Larry Goldman, Director of Product Marketing

As the Director of Product Marketing, Larry is responsible for creating the materials that translate what our products do and how they work to a wide audience: customers, prospective customers, and EMS employees. In addition, Larry helps guide product and market development and inform the company’s go-to-market initiatives.

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