Highlights from EMS Live 2017

July 18, 2018


EMS Live is EMS Software’s annual user conference aimed at helping those looking to improve their EMS skills, optimize their workflows and discover new ways to elevate their organizations. Each year we deliver an event experience that is educational, insightful and inspiring for our attendees – and last year was no exception.

As this year’s EMS Live draws closer, we wanted to look back at last year’s event in Atlanta, Georgia, which featured inspiring keynote speakers, tactical breakout sessions and the opportunity for attendees to try out and even influence EMS product updates.

Inspiring Keynotes

Part of what makes EMS Live a must-attend event are the high-level insights industry leaders provide. Last year, three thought-provoking keynote presenters tasked attendees with rethinking the way they design, structure and schedule their work and learning spaces.

John Hampton, senior vice president of smart workplace solutions within the JLL Smart Building team, provided a vivid history of how the evolving workforce has driven immense change. Hampton also revealed the surprising fact that only one third of all workplace initiatives succeed in their goals. Finally, he discussed how focusing on improving the employee experience can help an organization overcome cost, privacy and scalability challenges.

Watch his presentation:

We also heard from Linda Martellaro, assistant registrar for the University of Notre Dame, as she detailed how the EMS system became integral to managing her active and expansive campus. She inspired us to think about the endless possibilities of what such an integrated system can do, including improving campus-wide security and boosting communication across academic, athletic and other campus departments.

Watch her presentation:

Finally, to close out our 2017 keynotes, we heard from Sean McBrien, senior vice president from Citigroup. He offered a thoughtful, humorous and insightful take on how technology has continued to prompt change in the workplace. Heurged attendees to seek out in-person demos over simply reading about new products, and also to connect with peers to learn more about what technology can offer.

Watch his presentation:

Personalized Training & New Technology

EMS Live isn’t just about sharing new ideas for the workplace or campus; it’s also about exploring the latest technology and discovering new ways you can optimize your organization. Last year, our Meet and Learn appointments were booked solid each day with attendees taking advantage of this personalized, one-on-one training.

Learning more at EMS Live

However, the true highlight of the event was our newly revamped Play area, which featured new hardware options from our partners as well as innovative new EMS products for attendees to play with in real time. Attendees called out commands to an EMS-enabled Alexa, looked up floor maps on kiosks, and even got to beta test our brand new mobile app, which is scheduled to release in late 2018. Their feedback on this early version of the updated mobile app directly impacted some key changes to the application and will be used in the final version of the product.

Playing with new tech at EMS Live

Connecting with Peers

While high-level learning and key insights are always a highlight, the part of EMS Live that everyone always remembers is our Attendee Appreciation party. Last year, we enjoyed a vibrant and lively Southern Jazz Soiree. The evening was filled with soulful jazz from the band Lilac Wine and smooth bourbon cocktails specially crafted for the event, allowing attendees to kick back in the cozy lounge with good music and warm company. This event always tops off the EMS Live experience, allowing attendees to network with one another outside of the breakout sessions and structured networking from the days prior.

Meeting with experts at EMS Live

Networking continues to be a key reason why attendees return to EMS Live every year, because it gives them the opportunity to share their successes, workshop ideas to solve challenges and discuss the unique ways their organizations are using EMS to optimize their spaces. On the first day of the conference, we hosted structured networking sessions to ensure attendees had a chance to speak with not only those in their own industries, but also in similar geographical areas. This ensured that attendees were exposed to interesting new ideas and solutions from outside of their typical experiences and beyond what was offered in our breakout sessions.

Networking with your peers at EMS Live

Join us in 2018!

EMS Live continues to be a can’t-miss event. We hope you’ll join us this year in Denver at EMS Live 2018 as we bring things back home to Colorado on October 1-3. To learn more about EMS 2018, visit www.emssoftware.com/emslive.

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