EMS Live! 2015 – It’s All About the People

October 26, 2015


People matter most.

Today at EMS Live! 2015 there were a lot of discussions about the people that we interact with every day -- who they are, what they care about, how they work, the tools they need to better work and learn, and what they expect from their leaders.

Cam Marston provided a terrific (and terrifically entertaining) overview of today's multi-generational workforce. Paige Francis, CIO at Fairfield University, walked us through the commitment Fairfield has toward developing a modern IT ecosystem to better engage their staff, faculty, students, and community. Diane Stegmeier, founder and CEO of Stegmeier Consulting Group, taught us how to leverage flexible shared space to create a collaborative and high-performance environment for workers and learners. 

PG Bartlett, VP of Product for EMS Software, updated over 700 of our users on how we are always thinking about the people using our software when determining the future direction of our solutions.

My takeaway from today is that regardless if you are a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, and regardless if you are an executive, manager, or individual contributor, we are all ultimately co-workers Tweet -- customers, vendors, suppliers, and teammates. And, in order to be successful we need to work together.

Our organizations must enable people with the latest IT solutions, inventive office and campus designs, and innovative cultural models to foster greater collaboration among people. This will truly make us all the more successful.

This collaboration -- whether formal or informal, virtual or physical -- is a natural result of having people working toward a common goal. It is the heartbeat of every successful organization. We at EMS are dedicated toward making this heartbeat go faster and easier.

That heartbeat couldn’t have been felt louder at this evening’s party at the House of Blues (HOB). There was authentic, uncensored (and, I mean uncensored) fun that was had by all. I witnessed some great dance moves by our customers and employees to the likes of Turner, Wonder, Franklin and the “Brothers.” It was great to meet up with you at the House of Blues!

#EMSLive15 FIU Panthers representing with EMS CEO Bob Irwin via @andrewrolle75

What a great time with our EMS family! #emslive15 via @BillieSoniq

We have a lot of debates internally around the question, “Exactly when does a meeting become an event?” At the end of the day meetings are events and events are meetings. At EMS, our mission is to help people create great meetings. We should all never forget the "people" part of that.

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