EMS Announces the Winter 2017 Release

January 16, 2018


At EMS Live in Atlanta last fall, I promised a final, major release by the end of the year. And on December 22, 2017, we announced the Winter 2017 release (V44.1 Update 20). This holiday update introduced Google Calendar Integration, additional functionality for EMS for Microsoft Outlook (personalization and auto-updates), a collection of enhancements for our Higher Education customers, and a host of other improvements that are sure to please our cloud hosted and on-premise customers.

The Value of the Winter 2017 Release

This release is critical for several reasons. First, it furthers the alignment of EMS with the changes you’re seeing in your organization. This is especially important at a time when expectations are rapidly shifting throughout the workplace and campus, and organizations across the world are transforming to accommodate the desire for mobility and self-service. The EMS platform, with its updated access points and new integrations, is helping organizations move beyond real estate and instead focus on connecting people with the right spaces, resources, and technologies. It’s about your ability to deliver the best employee and student experience.

Second, it makes EMS the industry’s only enterprise-class workplace connectivity platform to integrate with both Microsoft Outlook and Google’s G Suite calendars. Our customers now have the flexibility to integrate with whichever dedicated calendar platform they choose. With Update 20, businesses and campuses gain the additional convenience of seamlessly scheduling their meetings, spaces, and events through personal calendars, supporting more efficient and effective collaboration.

Third, the Winter 2017 release includes the first collection of updates for academic schedulers, a commitment EMS has made to our Higher Ed users. As EMS moves forward into 2018, we will continuously release enhancements and fixes for academic planning as a part of our ongoing, iterative release schedule.

The collection of improvements in this release includes improvements to the speed of sync, auto-sync, and publishing processes, full location writeback for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, and an improved Optimizer Resolve Screen. You can read about these and all of the other enhancements on our What’s New product page.

What’s next?

2017 was a remarkable year for EMS Software. I am exceptionally proud of our international product team, which has grown by 250% since 2015 and released three major and 11 minor platform updates this past year.

By mid-October, we not only redesigned the EMS Room Sign App, EMS Kiosk App, and EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in, we introduced new integrations for Exchange Room Calendars and Skype for Business, and launched EMS Platform Services, the new middle-tier layer and RESTful API for EMS customers and partners. A stellar year by any measure, but we didn’t stop there. We moved ahead and delivered The Winter 2017 release just two months later.

In 2018, our product team will continue to focus on developing the EMS architecture, adding new integrations, and refining the expert and everyday user experiences. Without revealing too much, I can say that you’ll see the next two G Suite Integration components, an impressive user experience upgrade to the EMS Mobile App, new integrations with systems and hardware, and even more APIs added to EMS Platform Services.