The Digital Room Sign: More Than Just a Pretty Face

September 15, 2017


The workplace and campus are full of technology once deemed impractical, too costly or just not useful enough to ever catch on. From computers ("I think there is a world market for maybe five computers" IBM's CEO said famously) to mobile phones, you rely on devices whose benefits weren't immediately and universally apparent.

Enter digital room signs. When these tools first took the place of paper room signs, many considered them luxury devices. No longer. Modern room signs deliver clear value to your visitors, your employees and your brand, conveniently and efficiently.

Seven Key Benefits of Digital Signage

Benefit #1: Create stunning first impressions

The digital sign is the first thing your room visitors will see, thereby setting the tone for the gathering. Whether clients are attending a business meeting or visitors are learning about your campus, it’s important to emphasize that your organization is modern and “going places” – and that’s just what these sleek, stylish signs do. The benefits of projecting and differentiating your brand extend to employees as well, as the ‘wow factor’ can give a quick lift to employee morale.

Benefit #2: Book rooms conveniently

Impromptu meetings have just gotten a lot easier. When you need a walk-up meeting space, simply glance down the hall to locate an open room via an eye-catching, color-coded sign. Then, book the room right there with the push of a few buttons. You’ve created a meeting in seconds, without having to find a computer and boot up room reservation software. User IDs and badges ensure the room reservation process is secure, and because the digital signage is tied into your scheduling platform, you avoid the prospect of double booking a location.

Benefit #3: Easily manage meetings

In an age when managers spend between 35% and 50% of their workday in meetings, it’s important to keep those meetings running as smoothly as possible. Digital room signs allow you to quickly perform room management tasks such as reserving rooms, checking in visitors, ending a meeting, and even extending a booking. You also cut down on unnecessary interruptions, as passers-by can quickly determine when a meeting is in place or when it will end – without entering the room.

Benefit #4: Make for welcoming visitor experiences

Have you ever spent time wandering around an unfamiliar building, looking for that elusive meeting and then not knowing for sure if you’re in the right place? Digital signs eliminate that frustration. The signs are easy to read and display pertinent information so that clients and other visitors save time while locating the meeting space. Digital signage details also contribute to a responsive atmosphere, as visitors can check themselves in and gather information about the meeting (who else is attending, status of other participants, etc.) before entering a room.

Benefit #5: Enable profitable office hoteling

Office hoteling is fast becoming the new norm, and for good reason. On average, only 30-40% of employees with assigned desks are actually using them. Organizations save significantly on overhead costs when they move to the desk hoteling model, and digital signage can help make it possible. These smaller, color-coded signs allow users to quickly claim workspaces and typically are portable, making them ideal for reconfigurable spaces.

Benefit #6: Save time for non-attendees

The modern room sign not only saves times for meeting attendees, but it saves time and aggravation for non-participants, too. A package deliverer in need of a signature. An employee wondering when a co-worker will be free. A manager who wants to know if the room across the hall will be available later in the afternoon. All these individuals benefit from the presence of digital room signs, which can be configured to publicly display room activity, to get the information they need to accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Benefit #7: Cut down on misused space

Here’s another scary statistic: 73% of meetings have just 2 to 4 people in them, yet 53% of meeting room space is built for meetings of more than 7 people. Digital room signs integrate with your scheduling platform, transmitting up-to-the-minute data on how efficiently particular rooms are being used. Armed with that knowledge, your organization can see how well space is being utilized and identify potential cost savings.

Enhance Your Digital Environment

Digital room signs have become an essential tool for the connected workplace or campus. Learn more about how EMS can help your organization improve the meeting experience in our blog post “The Modern Room Sign.”