Shaping the Modern Workplace and Campus: EMS Live! Day Two

October 16, 2017


After a fabulous first day at EMS Live! packed with training and networking opportunities, we couldn't wait to see what Day Two would bring.

And it did not disappoint! We were off to the races with the keynote trifecta:

  1. Thanks and appreciation from EMS CEO Craig Halliday. Our new CEO set the pace with a show of gratitude to all of our fantastic customers, singling out those who have been with us for over twenty years and those who assist us regularly through our advisory boards. And a special thanks was given to Scott Anderson, whose dedication set EMS Live! on its path to greatness.
  2. An exploration of how new technologies and work models are shaping the smart workplace. John Hampton, Senior Vice President, Smart Workplace Solutions within the JLL Smart Building team took the lead and guided the audience through a history and understanding of how the changing workforce has driven change. Hampton revealed that only one third of all workplace initiatives succeed in their goals and discussed how a focus on improving the employee experience can help overcome challenges such as cost, privacy, and scalability. 
  3. A panel discussion from top EMS customers. Jacob McNulty, the VP of Customer Success at EMS, provided a strong finish by announcing the new EMS customer portal and facilitating an all-star panel of executives. The group found common ground on campus and corporate trends in space, technology, and collaboration — what’s causing them, how best to plan for them, and how EMS can be used to address them.

Fortified with the above information, EMS customers and other guests enthusiastically headed out to attend several of the nearly 60 breakout sessions scheduled for remainder of the day. With an emphasis on practical tips and techniques, popular sessions included ”Transitioning from Virtual EMS to the Web App,” “Merging Multiple EMS Instances to One Across Campus: Yale University,” and “High Performance Workplace. Welcome to the Neighborhood: JPMorgan Chase & Co.”

For those seeking an occasional break from the workshops and presentations, the Meet, Learn, Play, and Collaborate areas provided education, edification, and entertainment. Whether guided through a tour of innovative tech or meeting with professional services for free support, attendees found abundant, take-home value in their EMS Live! experience.

We ended the evening with a fabulous Southern Jazz Soiree. All enjoyed a swinging evening filled with soulful jazz from Lilac Wine and smooth bourbon cocktails, kicking back in the cozy lounge and partaking of strong spirits, good music, and warm company – refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the final day of EMS Live!.

For Wednesday, we’re happily anticipating more insights on the challenges of scheduling the campus and workspace, beginning with an in-depth look from Linda Martellaro on how EMS helps manage the vast array of meetings, classes, and other activities at the University of Notre Dame. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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