5 Common Support Questions During EMS Live

September 5, 2018


You may be all set to attend EMS Live – but is your organization ready for you to take a trip away from the office?

We’ve found that during EMS Live, our support center back at EMS headquarters gets a little busier. Often, it’s because you, the EMS admin or power user, is busy attending the conference, enjoying all the great things EMS Live has to offer while those who are less familiar with EMS are back at the office, unable contact you with questions. So, they call our help desk instead. And while we’re always happy to speak with your colleagues, we’d like to help your organization run as smoothly as possible while you’re off learning even more about EMS Software.

So, we’ve put together a list of common situations that arise when the EMS expert is off site – and some recommendations to help you prepare your team in advance.

Common Questions our Support Line Gets During EMS Live

Support questions fielded during EMS Live tend to fall into one of five categories:

1. Administrative tasks, such as creating new accounts or recovering forgotten credentials.

The support team receives a higher number of calls relating to tasks only the admin can perform, often because the admin is at the conference and no one back at the organization has the appropriate level of access to take care of these tasks. For security reasons, however, EMS support doesn’t have the ability to see why a particular user’s account doesn’t work.

Recommendation: Before you head to the conference, designate a back-up point person who either has admin access or is made aware of the admin tasks that will be on hold until you return.

2. Open support cases.

Another common set of support calls during EMS Live has to do with support tickets: When the IT person is at the conference, the folks left behind want an update on an open issue. Similar to the situation above, however, the EMS help desk needs the proper permissions and can’t give updates to unauthorized users.

Recommendation: Review any open support tickets your organization may have, and then temporarily hand off these tickets to a co-worker, along with the proper permissions and background information. This allows our help desk to communicate with that individual about the ticket. Note: the help desk can sometimes share access with that individual on a remote session, which can be useful if they are not as familiar as you are with the support question.

3. How-to questions.

How do I get notified about a reservation?” or “How do I find a certain reservation?” The help desk sees many of these calls during EMS Live as less-familiar users take care of what are routine tasks for the power user. EMS support will work to help answer these questions, which often involves pointing to online documentation that can walk them through these questions (and any other questions that might arise).

Recommendation: EMS has a lot of online documentation, user manuals and tutorial videos that can help users get to their answers quickly. We recommend that before the conference you do a quick run-down of where colleagues can go online to quickly find this information.

4. Installation/upgrade/configuration issues.

Do I need this upgrade?” is another common question posed of the EMS help desk during the conference. It’s a difficult question for the support rep to answer, though, because there are many different configuration options and the best-case scenario differs by organization. Your organization’s admin is the best person to answer this.

Recommendation: Have clear documentation and communication with your team before you head to EMS Live about what you use and what you want to do. One possibility is for you to provide a test account if you know there will be an upgrade while you’re away, but in general it’s best to wait until the EMS admin or IT lead returns.

5. Where do I go to access x, y or z?

The last set of common questions revolves around accessing items within your EMS system. Generally speaking, the EMS support desk won’t have these answers. On average we host about 20% of the information and our customers host around 80%, so our support team don’t know exactly how your system is set up or where specific items are located.

Recommendation: If you have an internal help desk at your organization, let your co-workers know that they are the folks who can best answer these types of questions. And if you have any documentation about the EMS setup at your organization, share that with your team as well.

We’ll leave you with one final recommendation: Right after EMS Live ends, the EMS support group sees an uptick in calls about new ideas or to-do’s that the current power user learned about with at the event. While at EMS Live, if you can take note of what you discuss and the name of the EMS person you spoke with, our help desk can provide even better service by following up with that individual for more information.

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