The EMS Commitment to Customer Experience

Jacob McNulty | December 18, 2015

With a name like ‘EMS Software’ it’s hopefully quite obvious that we’re in the business of providing code. What’s not inherent in our moniker is our focus on customers. We put great effort into making our customers successful when they use our product and making them happy when they interact with our organization.

"We put great effort into making our customers successful when they use our product and making them happy when they interact with our organization"

In order to achieve these goals, we are focusing on the overall customer journey and we’re improving the customer experience using an approach that is very similar to our close colleagues who code the product. To the point, there are parallels between ‘product’ and ‘customer experience’ at EMS Software:

  • Frictionless: you want code that makes it easy to interact with our software. Similarly, our customer experience goal is to create frictionless touch-points with our organization.
  • Roadmap: any good software organization is able to communicate a roadmap for their product. We do. Not many organizations will outline their customer experience roadmap for you. We’re different. We have a defined set of workstreams for 2016 and beyond which will continuously improve your interactions with EMS Software. Just as with our product team, the customer experience roadmap is based on feedback from our customers.
  • Developers: it takes a lot of work to create usable code to advance our software features and functionality — hence why we employ skilled developers to write this code. It also takes a dedicated focus on the work-streams mentioned above to ensure our customer experience is always improving. We think and talk about this role at EMS Software as a ‘CX developer’ as this work advances the improvement of how our customers interact with our organization.
  • Features: our software is effective because it has features that save you time, make you more productive and help you solve your problems faster. Our customer experience roadmap will accomplish the same goals — not associated with great meetings but in interactions with our organization. This includes self-service content, effective product documentation, submitting and reviewing tickets online, and more. Therefore, the customer experience team is evaluating multiple feature-sets, not as part of our product but as part of the experience of doing business with us.

"At EMS, we’re treating customer experience with the same focus and rigor as we do our product." Tweet

Many analysts and thought leaders have declared this the age of customer experience. I don’t care much whether they’re right or wrong because we’re blazing this trail either way. And by aligning our approach and vernacular to that of our product team, we’re treating customer experience with the same level of focus and rigor as we do our product. 

Jacob McNulty
written by Jacob McNulty, Vice President of Customer Success

As Vice President of Customer Success, Jacob is responsible for helping customers reach their EMS-related goals. Jacob approaches this mission by both optimizing the overall customer journey with EMS Software as well as delivering services and insight that are laser focused on helping customers achieve their objectives with the EMS platform.

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