Announcing the EMS Fall 2017 Release

October 13, 2017


It’s difficult to believe that we’re only three months past our Spring 2017 release, a hallmark update that introduced new integrations, a redesigned room sign app, and a new RESTful API architecture. And yet here we are, proudly announcing our next important update to the EMS scheduling platform. We’re especially pleased with this release, which redefines how everyday users will interact with our EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in and EMS Kiosk App.

While managed meeting and event spaces are a mainstay of the business and higher education worlds, the proliferation of smaller, more activity-based spaces is giving rise to the demand for self-service reservations. To support this trend towards increased self-booking, we’ve streamlined the user experience for each of our self-service access points.

We started with the EMS Web App update over a year ago, enhanced the EMS Mobile App in January, tackled the EMS Room Sign App in June, and now offer the updated Outlook add-in and Kiosk App this fall. In each instance, our dedicated user experience team applied industry best practices, refined (and re-refined) the designs, and tested them rigorously with experienced customers, internal experts, and our quality engineering team.

One of the products I’m most proud of is the new EMS for Outlook add-in. As a central place for scheduling rooms, meetings, and resources, Outlook alone is convenient but limited in the scope of what it can do. In fact, it’s only the combination of Outlook with EMS that proves just how truly exceptional a scheduling tool it can be. The EMS add-in tab in Outlook now offers a one-stop location for everything you need to do to book a meeting: invite attendees, filter and locate a space, and add services, such as catering, and resources, such as audio visual. Improvements include a native Outlook look and feel for EMS, simplified workflows, an enhanced schedule view and attendee management, service enhancements, and support for visitor management.

As for the Kiosk App, we’ve introduced a complete new look while simplifying the back-end configurations required to create and brand profiles. You now have two choices for home screens (one with large, friendly buttons and one with an events table). You can choose to feature events and building information, display interactive floorplans, and even pinpoint the spaces where colleagues are working. As before, the Kiosk App supports language translations and badge identification for self-booking.

Finally, we continue to enhance our EMS Platform Services (RESTful API). The redesigned access points are built on this architecture, and we are working with partners and customers who are building or re-building integrations based on this modern API set. We are adding to Platform Services with each new release of EMS, and you can find these details in our online release documentation.

This coming week, we’ll be talking about these new features at our annual conference, EMS Live!, in product workshops and my Wednesday morning keynote. We’re also demonstrating the new features and more in our reimagined Play area, where attendees can wander freely among stations showcasing each EMS app, or attend a planned tour that highlights the latest EMS advances and integrations and how they come together to create a holistic digital experience.

If you won’t be joining us in Atlanta, you can read more about the Fall 2017 release on our What’s New product page.

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